What is your hosting choice: Hostinger V/s Godaddy


Are you trying to figure out which is best hostinger or GoDaddy? If that is a yes, you are also sailing in the same ship. There is always a never-ending debate when it comes to Hostinger V/s GoDaddy. Here is a complete comparison in this article to help you decide which hosting to choose.
Well, hosting plays a crucial role in website development as reliable hosting services can help upscale businesses. So, when you pick any hosting service provider, consider a few things like speed, security, bandwidth, performance, ease of support, and several other things. Let’s not waste time and start comparing the services and features of both hosting services.

Hostinger Pricing plans

Hostinger stands out differently because of the various solutions it provides. If you want to start hosting, you can do it for $1.96 every month. It has the following features Github integration, Free SSL certification, WordPress acceleration, Access manager, MySQL databases, Backups, and many others.
Hostinger does not offer several plans, but its single plan is more than enough, and it if you have budget constraints, you can effortlessly start with hostinger.


Here are its products

1. Single plan, Business plan, Premium Plan

Premium plan: @ $2.59/mo
Single plan @ $ 1.39/mo
Business plan @ 3.99/mo

2. Shared Web hosting

If you are a naive beginner, hoping shared web hosting is a better option. It is affordable, and you don’t have to perform server maintenance tasks.

3. Cloud plans

Cloud hosting plans of hostinger allow you to access the virtual servers and control them. The cloud hosting plan features startup $9.99/mo, professional @ $18.99/mo and enterprise @ $ 69.99/mo.

4. VPSVPS plan in hostinger is pretty faster than shared web hosting, and hostinger’s VPS plan features VPS1 $3.95/mo VPS2 $8.95/mo VPS3 $12.95/mo VPS4 $15.95/mo. It features zero downtime.

5. Email

It is a unique service focusing exclusively on email servers. Your business will be able to remain operational while you set everything up because this service is separate from website hosting. Plan features $ 0.99/ mo for business email and $2.49/mo for Enterprise Email.

GoDaddy pricing plans


Web hosting plan: It is the most economical plan with basic functionalities Starting from $3.99/mo

WordPress Hosting: It is specially optimized for WordPress websites. Starting from @ $6.99/mo

WordPress Ecommerce Hosting: @ $ 15.99/mo

Business Hosting: starting at @$19.99/mo

VPS Hosting: starts @ $4.99/mo

Dedicated Server: Starting @ $129.99/mo


As per security is concerned, hostinger keeps your website safe, and you will be charged extra in Godaddy. Hostinger provides DDoS protection 24/7 and monitors your system. However, GoDaddy is a big game but does not give you a free SSL certificate. You need to pay extra to get an SSL certificate.
You will also get 24/7 monitoring and DDOS in GoDaddy, but on paying extra. In addition you have to pay extra for malware removal and scanning. From this, you can conclude which hosting provider to choose.


The support service of Hostinger may be slow, but it is worth it. In the case of GoDaddy, most people do not like their services. Hostinger takes a lot of time to respond to the customer queries, but they will fix the issues. In case of a hurry, you have to wait. GoDaddy responds in a lesser time and offers round-the-clock support.


Your conversion rate will increase the faster your site loads. Choose a web host that offers fast page loading times because people hate to wait. You generate more revenue by maintaining your website fast and conveniently. Now compare the speed of Hostinger and GoDaddy.
Hostinger has a great speed, and it won’t be an issue. GoDaddy is high in performance and also cheaper. GoDaddy’s speed is 520ms, and believe me, it is not going to put a frown on your happy face. Well, both will offer you the expected speed and won’t disappoint you.


A web hosting service’s uptime shows how well its systems are kept running. So, let’s find out hostinger and GoDaddy’s uptime percentage. Uptime is crucial because it can either make or break a web server. Downtime can affect the website by dropping down its rankings. GoDaddy has an average uptime of 99. 95. Whereas Hostinger has 99.97% uptime. There is not a big difference, hence you can choose your hosting wisely.


Hostinger and GoDaddy can’t compete over performance. GoDaddy uses HDD storage. Whereas, hostinger is more stable because it consists of LiteSpeed. In hostinger, within a few clicks, you can activate cloudflare to experience excellent performance.
Although GoDaddy offers you a lot more storage and data transfer, hostinger’s single shared hosting plan provides 30 GB of SSD storage and 100 GB of data transfer, which is pretty enough to run a small business website.

Pros and Cons of GoDaddy

  1. It has a solid reputation in the industry
  2. It offers limitless disk space
  3. Its uptime is 99.95%
  4. It lacks fine customer support
  5. Restoration fee is expensive.

Pros and Cons of Hostinger

  1. It offers a 30-days money-back guarantee.
  2. It offers excellent performance with99.97% uptime.
  3. Solid speed.
  4. It offers limited support.
  5. It does not have cPanel.

Final thoughts

The final verdict depends on the users, how they want the services, and the price. I recommend using the ones that give superior performance, and this overall guide bends more towards GoDaddy because of the better user experience and superiority. However, there is a recommendation not to compromise on the features, pricing, and performance. Both hosting providers are good in terms of SEO. Considering website building, GoDaddy is better
because it can make easy websites because it uses Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI). At last, it is best to write down your requirements and then choose a hosting provider.

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