My Journey: How I Started Blogging And Quest For Success While Enjoying Time And Financial Freedom.

Dear Friend,

My name is Samuel Adeyemi Adefioye and this is my blog website.

I want to welcome you for stopping by, and i believe the reason you are on my blog is either of the followings: 

  • You feel trapped in a cycle of getting up to go to work each day, trading your time for money.
  • You’re frustrated because you know that you are capable of achieving greatness, but feel as if your current situation is holding you back.
  • You lack fulfillment doing work you’re not passionate about in order to make other people more successful.
  • You feel limited by your earning potential and question if you’re ever going to be in a position where you feel truly wealthy.
  • You’re fed up with the internal company politics which you have to endure every day.
  • You’ve been struggling to get ahead financially and break free of bad debt.
  • You never have any spare time for yourself to do the things you really want to or spend enough time with the people that mean the most to you.
  • You want to explore the world and be able to generate an income without being tied to any one specific location.
  • Your hair is going fifty-shades-of-gray from all the uncertainty
  • Should I start blogging as a side hustle?
  • Should I start podcasting or build my own brand?


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I get it…

Growing a business is hard, I mean really hard. 

Just like quitting your 9-5 job.

I started this blog site to help people like you find the best and legitimate ways to make money online and build a successful 6-figure online business.

That is exactly what I was looking for a few years ago, and I am happy to start this blog.

My mission is to help a lot of people escape from the rat race of 9-5 and build a successful 6-figure online business so they can achieve time and financial freedom.

Also, to help every entrepreneur/business builder stop worrying about where to get their next customers and get off the stress while making money sleeping like a newborn baby.

Kindly join me on this journey to success as this is my first blog and I want you all to be part of my success story while I am keen to celebrate your success as well.

All the way through my life, I had always wanted to start online businesses, but being meticulous and having self-doubt has made me quit every time.

Here’s My Story - Please Get To Know Me

Just like billions of childrens out there, I was born in the ancient city of Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria into a well known royal family.

Ile Ife
I am proud to be born in the ancient town because of its richness in culture, belief, and history. Always eager to share the history of where I was born to anyone who cares to learn and listens.
I am the first son of my parents with an elder sister. Not to forget, got step siblings as well …lol

At age 3 – 4 i had become popular in the ancient town due to my eagerness to defend everyone around me because i was smart, i hate bullies, and i love to dance as well…lol

I became everyone’s favorite but in life expect 1% of those who will hate you.

I was born with a silver spoon but was never fed with the spoon because being from a polygamous home with a lot of competition it’s a tug of war and it’s survival for the fittest or maybe i should say for the strongest.


Growing up I have always been intelligent, it was a blessing I don’t take for granted.

From my elementary days, to secondary and tertiary education it was excellent for me in terms of academics but the road to achieving the fit wasn’t easy. 

I was part of the system that believes you have to go to school to be a doctor, lawyer, an accountant and after graduation you get a good job.


A system i never knew was more of societal and corporate slavery. Living in debt for the rest of your life is the worst thing in a man’s life.

Then the reality of adulthood sets in…jeeeez!

My 9-5 Rat Race Career - How it went

2006 - I Got A Job With EcoBank Plc

I was basking in the euphoria of being a bank employee because it was a thing of pride to work in the bank then. Soon I became frustrated because I had no time and life of my own and I decided to resign to think of what to do next.

I maintained a good relationship with everyone even till the very last minute when I was exiting the bank.

OCT’06 – JULY’08

  • Resolved technical problems, improved operations and provided exceptional client support.
  • Created analysis of business data through effective performance and proffered effective strategy and action plans required for goal attainment.
  • Performed image conversion and Data entry for easy accessibility and Readability for the Company. (ABBYY 8.5).

However, in my pursuit for time freedom, i ended up getting a job with an insurance company, where i was paid 100% lesser than my banking job which at first was frustrating for me and shame wouldn’t allow me to boldly speak out how much i was earning as salary every months to my friends…lol

But then… It was a good decision.

Below shows my activities while working with the insurance company for a period of 3 years:

JULY’09 – NOV’12

  • Recommended type and amount of coverage based on analysis of customers’ circumstances using persuasive sales techniques.
  • Customized existing insurance programs to suit individual client needs by analyzing specific requirements.
  • Maintained detailed records of customer information and policy sales.
  • Sold auto, home, life and other various insurance products to individuals and affinity groups within assigned territory using consultative selling techniques.
  • Utilized direct marketing strategies such as mailings and phone contacts to approach potential clients and increase sales by 55%.
  • Conducted research on insurance packages and investment options to generate client recommendations.

The experience I garnered while working with Standard Alliance Life Insurance Limited helped me so much that practically I eat insurance, drink insurance, breathe insurance and even dream  of insurance packages.

Then in November 2012, I joined one of the best Insurance companies in the country with great respect and unbeatable brand Mansard Insurance Plc.

Team 2

NOV’12 – MAY’15

Addressed and resolved customer complaints and issues to improve satisfaction.

  • Initiated new sales and marketing plans for product roll-outs, including developing sales, distribution and media strategy.
  • Recommended new products to clients and maintained solutions-oriented problem-solving for long-term client relationships.
  • Exceeded annual revenue goals by 110% through improving client relationships and education.
  • Assessed client needs and developed plans to adequately address current and future objectives.
  • Managed and motivated sales team to increase revenue 110% in 9 months.

Working with this company was awesome, however, the corporate slavery and office politics can not be overlooked.

This led to my continued quest for a better job and better salary and I got an offer to work for an equipment leasing company, known as Aquila Leasing Plc in 2015.

Below was my performance and job description while working with the company.

MAY’15 – JAN’16

  • Developed diverse reporting packages to meet individual needs of sales, marketing, product management and senior leadership.
  • Used consultative sales approach to understand customer needs and recommend relevant offerings.
  • Evaluated consistency and importance of different business intelligence data against needs to determine optimal courses of action.
  • Increased account base from 350 to 2500 over 10 months, leveraging networking and referrals.
  • Updated sales strategies and marketing channels to increase overall profitability by over 200%.
  • Drove team revenue totals by bringing in over $150,000 in sales.
Aquila 2

At one point, I was enjoying my job but it dawned on me that my line manager whom I report to was a bully and working in a toxic office environment was the least I could accept. 

I became frustrated because I knew I was capable of achieving greatness, but it felt as if my current situation was holding me back, so I resigned.

I got another offer to join Cashlink Leasing Plc in 2016 as the Head of Lease for the entire company.

FEB’ 16 – JAN’ 17

  • Created, coordinated and engaged in marketing campaigns.
  • Managed daily and weekly marketing and leasing plans.
  • Developed and implemented tactical marketing plans.
  • Created and submitted daily reports on leasing activities.
  • Collected, completed and processed lease applications.
  • Established key relationships with potential leasers and renters.
  • Coordinated with social media, public relations and other teams to execute product introductions.
  • Developed innovative marketing campaigns to increase engagement with target demographic and drive brand exposure.

One of the amazing lessons I learned working with this particular company was that 99% of employers really never bothered about employee’s well-being such as salary increase, employee growth plan, pension, health insurance and other benefits due for employees.

Majority of this so-called Managing Directors or the Senior Management Staff sees the Junior Staff as slaves.

Guess what…

The reason why I left the company was because I stood up for other staff welfare, and I had a meeting with the MD, but I never knew he felt challenged and I was surprised he told the Human Resource Manager to give me a resignation notification.

So, eventually I got another job offer with MetroHealth HMO  as the Head, Sales and Marketing.

JAN’ 17 – JULY’ 17

  • Built brand awareness and generated leads while managing internal and external marketing campaigns and programs. 
  • Negotiated contracts with vendors.
  • Played a major strategic role, responsible for the definition, automation, and streamlining of marketing operation processes
  • Partnered with the IT department for the purpose of optimizing CRM systems, marketing technologies, meta-data management, website and online page improvements, direct mail production
  • Work closely with the sales team, senior marketing operations management, and key stakeholders in continuously optimizing the effectiveness of the marketing programs and campaigns and ensuring that marketing and sales efforts stay aligned with the business overall goals and objectives.

I had a short spell of about 6 month working with the company because I realized it was the same bullying tactics that were implemented by the Managing Director, so I got tired with the internal bullying and abusive way the company was being managed.

Then I joined Pilot Finance Limited in 2017 as the Head of Credit and Marketing.

JULY’ 17 – JULY’2020

  • Collaborate with top management in determining the marketing plans and policies so that all the problems of the process of planning may be removed and sound plans and policies may be formulated.
  • Evaluate products periodically so that necessary modifications and alterations may be made in the products due customers’ needs and demands changes from time to time.
  • Oversees company’s interactions with the public through implementing content strategies on social media platforms.
  • Close new business deals through coordinated requirements; developing and negotiating contracts; integrating contract requirements with business operations.
  • Liaised with customers, management and sales team to better understand customer needs and recommend appropriate solutions.
  • Managed credit portfolios and communicated credit status to relationship managers.
  • Maintains confidentiality of credit and customer information at all times
  • Worked with over 120 customers to understand their needs and provide quality service.
  • Built brand awareness and generated leads while managing internal and external marketing campaigns and programs. 
  • Grew the customer base with inbound sales and marketing methodology
  • Increased customer satisfaction by implementing the inbound marketing strategy

While working as the Head of Credit and Marketing, I ended up being the Loan Recovery Officer, Head of Operation and Head of Product Development, this was an added portfolio with no increase in salary.

I bet you must have been laughing at me now…

Guess what?

After a year working with the company with all the additional portfolios, the Managing Director called for an urgent meeting with all staff on the 17th August, 2018.

He broke the bad news to us all that salaries will be cut down by 50%… “WTF”

Yep! That’s it..

That was the break of a new dawn for me. I started thinking of how to escape the 9-5 rat race and slavery.

The choices for someone wishing to exit a corporate 9-5 job and start a new business are numerous and this can easily lead to overwhelm, confusion….and over-analysing the options for so long that you end up taking no action at all.

So I started working on my exit plan.

Career Summary

Experienced sales and digital marketing professional with over 15 years of expertise in Inbound Sales and Marketing, Retails Sales and Marketing, Consultative Selling, Insurance and Risk Management, Equipment Leasing, Credit and Digital Lending, SaaS.

Where I Am Today

By March 2020, I had already registered my own digital marketing agency and by July 2020, I tendered my resignation to focus on a new journey as business owner.

However, Covid-19 came and I decided to seize the opportunity to create training online to make ends meet due to lack of finance and my bills were staring at me every second.

I had a good depth of digital marketing knowledge – I led my team to build a fintech app for a couple of companies, and I have had my share of SaaS experience. I was ready to take this knowledge and put it to use so I could work for myself.

So far, I have helped over 1,500 business owners grow and scale their businesses to 6-figure.

Running an agency hasn’t been easy due to over head costs and customers wanting the best of service with low budget…lol

Yea! It happens everyday.

In my quest to make passive income online due to my in- depth knowledge in digital marketing, I simply want more. 

More security, More money, More freedom, More family time.

I want to explore the world and be able to generate streams of income without being tied to any one specific location.

Then, I started “Affiliate Marketing”.

Affiliate marketing simply means you recommend useful products to people who need them and you get paid.

You don’t have to worry about creating a product, inventory, shipping or worry about customer service issues.

Today I run a successful online business, and I enjoyed making money while i’m asleep. 

However, I realized I was leaving money on the table, not starting a blog, after several persuasions from colleagues and mentors.

It was enough to realize that I could start a blog and make it work.

Hence, this is the beginning of my blog journey, grab a pack of popcorn and coke while you learn.

All I know is that making money online is not a myth, it’s REALITY.

But I can confidently say that if you are willing to devote enough time and put a lot of work into this, YOU CAN DO IT!

You don’t need a degree to be a successful online business owner.

It’s all about taking action and committing to success.

Also, it’s about having someone who can show you the way.

You need a MENTOR! To guide you and make your dream a REALITY.

I know that the online world is like a jungle out there and it’s full of traps, scams, schemes, and many more…

That’s why I have chosing to create this blog to help you in the following ways:

  • Learn how to make money online
  • Scale Your Online Business
  • How to Choose Your Niche.
  • ​Picking The Perfect Product.
  • Building Your Email List With The Best Software.
  • ​​Creating Your Passive Income System.
  • Scaling And Retargeting.
  • Choosing Your Traffic Source For Your Business.
  • And Many More…

I Would Like To Thank You For Taking Your Time For Being Here.

If you made it this far, I want to seize the opportunity to appreciate the time you took to read through and I deeply value every relationship I make from this blog.

I hope you enjoy your time while on my blog site. I hope someone out there is inspired, full of positivity and hope  and I would be glad to add value to you and your business.

Should you need any help, feel free to reach out to me, I always try to respond to every email.

‘If escaping the rat race is something you want to do, then take heart. This is something I have done for myself and I work with people every week who are in the process of doing the same.’

That’s it.

Thank you for reading.