How to create a website with WordPress using Bluehost?

Creating a website can be exciting and also daunting at the same time. But, investing your time and money in creating a website is like establishing your online presence or your business. Several tools and platforms are available to help you create a website quicker and easier than you might expect. An example is WordPress, which is a popular platform for building sites. 

Don’t delay the decision to establish a website for your small business because you assume it will be complicated. It is much easier than you might not have imagined. Here in this guide, I will be sharing tips on how to create a website with wordpress using Bluehost. Keep reading to know the steps in depth. 

How to build a wordpress website using Bluehost

  1. Select Domain name
  2. Create and manage account
  3. Website customization
  4. Content addition 

First Step: Pick your domain name

Before starting to build a website, it is necessary to choose a domain name. It comes under the essential parts of website building. Your domain name is your unique identity, and from this, the world will know you. You can choose anything, be it funny, or casual, but be sure because the people will type it in the browser to reach your website. The game does not end here. After finalizing a domain name, you need to pick hosting. 


Verifying the availability of a domain name registration is vital. You should choose a domain name that represents your brand/blog. When you register a domain name with Bluehost, you don’t have to pay an additional fee. For a year, Bluehost gives you a free domain name when you purchase a hosting plan. 

Second Step: Manage your WordPress Account

The most crucial step afterward is to manage your account settings, and for that, you need to login into your wordpress account and handle it from there. As you log in to your account, you will be headed to the dashboard screen of your wordpress account. You have the access to manage your website from Bluehost. I will share the reason for using Bluehost in a while. 

wordpress Account

Third step: Website customization

The real fun starts here because it is the time to refine your website the way you want it. As you log in to your website, you can improve its interface by changing the design and layout of the website. You can change the complete look of the website by choosing everything from font style to particular elements. It is better to work on a particular theme, as it helps a lot.  Your WordPress website can now be built with your favorite themes. You can choose from more than 100 free and premium WordPress themes. Ensure the themes that you choose are mobile and SEO friendly. You will see themes on the sidebar of your WordPress dashboard, from there, go to appearance and then themes. You can customize the website’s ost theme selection. Don’t forget to do Google Analytics settings because it can help you collect ample data and information about your visitors.

Website customization

Fourth Step: Add content to your website

Content is indeed the king, so fill your new website with full-fledged content. You can make more pages for your websites and fill them with content.  

Fifth Step: Launch your website

Adding content to your newly-designed website allows you to preview how it will appear to your customers after you’ve finished customizing it.  Once you’re happy with the appearance and functionality of your website, it’s time to launch that version. At this point, you have officially launched your website. It was pretty simple, and I hope this guide helped you understand how to make a WordPress website. 

Why rely on Bluehost only?

If you want your blog to be the best and most successful,  you need the correct hosting service. A poor hosting provider can result in slow website loading and ruins your business badly. Your website should never go down frequently This is why hosting matters a lot. Hosting your website using Bluehost is the right thing for your business in 2022. With the fast and reliable plans of Bluehost, you can achieve perfection.

Security is the essential part, and every website owner and the user thinks of their security. Bluehost provides you with the topmost security and makes your site hackproof. It also provides complete backups and makes it extremely difficult for hackers to hack your site. 

Bluehost provides you with a secure server that can keep a backup of your website and database. It keeps on taking regular backups of your website’s database, and it is easy for a non-tech person to handle websites hosted on Bluehost.

Due to the continuous enhancements and additions to the WordPress platform, you can now create an entire website quickly. For the more complex parts, you may still need assistance.

But don’t worry! We have got you covered because we have 24×7 access to troubleshooting.

Stop waiting and start blogging with Bluehost providers.

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