Best Social Media Management Tools of 2022

More and more people are using social media nowadays, as its trend is booming daily. On average 56% of people keep their eyes glued to social media which means they spend nearly 2-3 hours on social platforms. 

In this digital era where social media trends do not seem to drop, businesses must start taking their benefits. You may have noticed every brand, be it large or small, has optimized social media profiles. It is not difficult to handle different social media platforms because there are several social media management applications for that. 

These management tools handle multiple social media platforms. From content creation to publishing, those social media tools are apt at handling everything. Every small or large-scale enterprise can get the required benefits.

If you are an entrepreneur or owner of an enterprise, you can also stay ahead by just curating the right content. Don’t worry, we have listed down some tools that can help you create impeccable content for social media.

 The tools listed in this article are not in a specific order, but they are one of the best social media management tools any organization, freelancer, or solopreneur can have

Here are some top social media management tools you can use for managing your social media platforms.

1. Sprout Social 

Sprout Social is a famous platform where you can drive real results with social media content. This is what Sproutsocial says. It is a publishing and scheduling tool used by most social media managers to post timely on their social media handles. Using this tool, helps you to schedule the posts you need to publish so that you can focus on strengthening your core business. 

Overcome the hurdles of publishing daily, schedule your posts using Sproutsocial. Sprout comes with customer relationship management. It serves the customers in the best possible ways. It has 

Let’s look at some pros and cons of Sproutsocial


  • It gives a free 30-day trial 
  • Post publishing on time is just a breeze. 
  • Analytics and reports on this platform help you manage Return on investment and user engagement. 


  • Its plans are expensive. 
  • It sets limits on the usage of social media profiles.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is best for businesses that need to manage social media platforms and integrate social networks. from tech-savvy marketers to enterprises ( small or big) can take advantage of its interoperability. Most people can purchase the advanced features from the Hootsuite App Directory, It allows third-party integrations and has some killer features. 

Talking about Hootsuite’s pricing, its professional account costs $29/month, and through the platform ad spending limit is $500/month. If you have to purchase a team account it is $129/month for three users. In this plan, 20 profiles are allowed to access the platform. In the case of having a business account, companies take a $599/month plan.


  • It has a content library to help organizations in content creation.
  • It has keyword filtering, multi-account management, postscheduling options available.
  • It connects with facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube.
  • It organizes your feeds and timelines accordingly. 


  • Their technical support is omi-present. 
  • The account setup process is super easy. 
  • The Hootsuite directory has over 150 apps.
  • The free version is available
  • Social integrations are available.


  • It lacks some automation capabilities.
  • The social listening and collaboration tools can be improved.

3. Social Pilot

Social Pilot is pretty simple and a cost-effective tool for social media scheduling and management. Its plan starts with $106.25/mo for the agency, $42.50/mo small team of 3 users, $85.00/mo for the studio (6 users), and $25.50/mo for professional users. With a social pilot, you can easily schedule and publish posts on all social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, Tiktok, Pinterest, Facebook Groups, etc. 

Bulk scheduling is also available on the social pilot where you can schedule up to 500 posts.  You can easily schedule and customize the posts with videos, gifs, etc.  Apart from that, you can get an overall view of your social media platform i.e, macro as well as micro. In short, you get a bird’s eye view. 

It has a social inbox where it can pull on the conversation. You can engage with your audience efficiently and can keep a track of 


  • It has a great calendar feature and interface.
  • It helps in content curation and is affordable 
  • It comes with advanced analytics and  bulk scheduling  


  • It does not offer a free plan. 
  • It does not share Instagram analytics

4. Sendible

In the world of social media marketing, automation and scheduling tools have facilitated many functions for marketers. Sendible is one of them, which can allow you to automate and oversee different channels. Talking of its features, as a social media marketer, you can schedule campaigns on various channels in succession. Its dashboard can allow you to oversee the campaigns. No matter if it is for a week, a month, or even more, you can create and schedule the content for as long as you want. Take a look at more of its features, here:

  • Post scheduling
  • Social Media monitoring
  • Multi-account management
  • Customer engagement 
  • Multi-user collaboration
  • Content management
  • Auto-publishing
  • Social media analytics

To attain the collaboration purpose, it offers:

  • Group calendars
  • Cooperative writing 
  • Content management
  • Discussion boards
  • Chat (Messaging)
  • Document management
  • Version control
  • Contact management


  • Active customer support: If any user ever encounters an issue with this automation tool, active customer support can assist them in finding the way out.
  • Custom reports: Sendible allows you to create reports as and how you want.
  • Social Inbox: It serves as a one-shop-stop for different kinds of destinations in one place. 


  • The absence of ease in learning makes it less user-friendly.
  • High costs are hard to bear for small-sized businesses.
  • Unavailability of the clickable calendar. 

This social media tool can facilitate the process involved in driving interactions, beginning conversations, and increasing the number of followers over there. More than 30,000 agencies prefer it as it allows them to save time. It allows one to create eye-catching social media reports. Being a user, you can avail of relevant and impressive insights while presenting the growth on social media.

It has a feature of Composite Box through which you can go for bulk scheduling. In addition to publishing the posts at the appropriate hours, it can allow you to preview posts on every social media channel.

5. Buffer

As a social media automation tool, Buffer can ease it for your business to build its audience. It is an affordable and easy-to-understand tool that you can use for handling the social media handles of your clients. Buffer is one of the most loved tools as it has a simple friendly interface that even a naive can easily understand. 

Buffer is an intuitive, streamlined social media management platform trusted by small businesses and individuals to help drive meaningful engagement and results on social media. Many agencies and brands see it as reliable software to attain noteworthy outcomes. From preparing plans to handling social media handles, this social media tool promises several benefits to its users. Additionally, the people behind Buffer have been looking forward to introducing more features to streamline social media marketing for agencies. The list for the same can include Instagram Direct scheduling feature and suggested media future.

You can even take the advantage of the availability of its browser extension in Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. This can allow you to perform your operations through Buffer Icon. Moreover, you can find these applications on mobile as well, on both iOS and Android.

To provide you with a deeper picture, here are certain features this automation tool promises:

  • Scheduling of a whopping 2000 posts on every social media handle.
  • Posting a schedule that can save you time and effort on choosing 
  • Buffer brown extension that allows the sharing that can allow sharing almost anything
  • Access to reports and analytics that can enhance the outcome of social media platforms.
  • Access to various social media profiles on numerous social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, and LinkedIn.


  • It can allow you to tailor every post, considering the social media account you will choose
  • It can provide you with access to an engaged community to interact with.
  • You can learn about the appropriate time as per your campaign. 


  • Excess additional charges to get analytics.
  • Absence of the commonly found library feature
  • Variation of prices for different features, makes users pay a big buck for the entire automation tool.

6. Zoho social

When it comes to easy management of social media, how can Zoho social step back?  It is one of the most used social media tools where you can schedule and post unlimited things. The platform allows you to create custom reports to analyze your social media platform. 

Zoho social’s features are built in a way, everybody would want this tool for their social media management. It offers content schedules in different ways. With Zoho social tool, you can save abundant time and can schedule at the appropriate time. 

Moreover using it agencies can meet their social media targets. It provides a unique dashboard for every client and brands can seamlessly manage everything from a single dashboard. In the agency plan, you can invite your team members to collaborate on an existing project. 

Talking about th pricing and setup of this social media manager app, it provides a 15-day free trial. The standard price is $10 per month, professional at $30 per month, and premium at $40 per month.

Here’s what the platform has to offer 

  • It has an organized interface, and friendly UI and manages social media analytics. 
  • It pays attention to the needs of small and medium-scale enterprises. 
  • It allows easy integration with other Zoho applications.
  • Zoho offers a social publishing calendar to schedule posts. 
  • It helps you visualize your content and organize your social media posts accordingly. 


1. Zoho allows you to manage emails, accounting, and projects under one roof. 

2. Zoho allows free usage of social media with limited features.

3. Streamlined and smooth integration of Zoho CRM and Zoho desk.


  • It lacks strong analytics and reporting 
  • It approves only limited posts.
  • The agency plan is pretty expensive starting at $230 per month.

7. Social Bee

Social Bee is an innovative social media management tool for service providers and entrepreneurs. Be it a big or small business, Social Bee is one of the best social media management tools. It allows you to create content on its advanced editor. 

As it says set it and forget it which means schedule your posts and let them post automatically. 

Batch process videos and organize the content in the content calendar. Keep yourself covered for the coming weeks with the help of Social Bee’s features. Do content creation in canvas editor and design your social media post graphics.

Below is the standard pricing plan of Social Bee

  • Best for solopreneurs, this plan comes @ $19/month.
  • Best For Startups And Small Businesses​ $39/month
  • Another pricing is for freelancers and agencies @ $79/month.

Here are Social Bee’s Agency plans 

  • Pro25: $79/month
  • Pro50: $149/month
  • Pro100: $279/month
  • Pro150: $379/mont

Let’s flick through the features that Social Bee has to offer. 

1. It allows you to recycle your content and build a better social media presence. 

2. It allows multiple recycling of existing content by letting you add variations to them. 

3. Allows viewing the account analytics so that you can see well-performing posts.

4.  Social Bee allows you to socialize and improve your content with your team. It means you can invite your colleagues and friends to the workspace. 


  • Social bee is easy-to-use management software providing an excellent user interface.
  • Its hashtag manager is brilliant and supports RSS feeds.
  • You can easily schedule your Twitter tweets and recycle your evergreen content. 


  • It can be difficult to get lost in all the tabs and features. 
  • The user experience can be improved.

8. Loomly

When it comes to building a great social media presence, Loomly can be the best choice. It enables you to collaborate, measure, and publish under one roof using one software. It is one of the best social media management software to manage organic posts, growth, and ads. 

Loomly allows you to connect to as many social media accounts as you want like YouTube, Tiktok, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. In addition, you can set post idea preferences, and invite collaborators during the calendar creation process. You have to simply enter the email address of the team member you want to have as a collaborator. 

Here is the pricing plan

  • Base: $26 /mo
  • Standard: $59 /mo
  • Advanced: $129 /mo
  • Premium: $269 /mo

Let’s see what features it can offer

  • Loomly forgets running out of ideas because it shares the latest trending topics, RSS feeds and some best practices related to social media.
  • With Loomly, get hands-on experience and create ads like experts. post videos, multiple images, links, and simple statues. 
  • Onboard everyone from your team to collaborate with you.
  • Schedule smoothly with automated publishing for various platforms. 
  • It has a dedicated library for the organization of all the assets. 


  • Loomly gives you content ideas and helps you generate timely content.
  • The user interface of the software is slick fully helping small teams and individuals. 


  • It requires buffer integration to post on Instagram. 
  • Large team plans are expensive.

9. Iconosquare

Iconosquare helps you with actionable social media analytics that are easy to understand. It is an all-in-one best social media management platform including publishing and scheduling tools. It stands out as a social media management tool because of its advanced reporting features. It gives you access to tons of data and also helps you to visualize the metrics. 

Iconosquare is one of those apps to manage social media which makes insightful decisions based on data. It also provides multi-profile management from a single dashboard. It is not only limited to a single platform, but you can add multiple social media profiles of different clients. 

Let’s have a look at its pricing 

  • Pro @ $49/mo: ForSmall Businesses and Professional Marketers
  • Advanced @ $79/mo: For Marketing Teams
  • Enterprise: custom: Best for agencies, and larger social media teams

Let’s dive deep into its features.

  • In-depth and advanced analytics
  • Automated reporting 
  • A custom dashboard that can handle multiple social media platforms. 
  • It allows collaborations 


  • It allows you to share performance easily and quickly.
  • It comes with a 14-day free trial plan.
  • It has an analytics tool for measuring social media analytics.
  • Prices are also affordable. 


  • It lacks a custom dashboard.
  • It does not allow viewing all the scheduled posts.
  • Fewer features for Twitter

10. Later

Later manages all the social media in one place and is counted among the best tools. The significant strength of the Later platform is its visual content calendar where dragging and dropping is super easy. Just analyze and publish your content within a few clicks. If you are thinking of marketing on Instagram, this is the best tool for you.


The best feature of this tool is that it helps you to grow your Instagram account by auto-publishing content. Do you find creating content no less than a hassle? If yes, this tool has a solution for this. It helps you find the top-performing content so that you can put a personalized touch on the ones you make.

LATER  is not for those who are regular LinkedIn users, but you can post on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. 

Here are some features of the Later tool 


  • It allows collecting hashtags, mentions, and images.
  • It has a media library and conversation management.
  • It has a digital content calendar. 
  • Schedules content on Instagram and Tiktok, LinkedIn easily.
  • It allows checking Instagram analytics.


  • You can publish up to 30 posts a month for free.
  • It allows cross-posts on various social media channels.
  • It has an Instagram feed preview feature.
  • It is an easy management tool for beginners.


  • The free plan allows you to see the last 30 days of post analytics.
  • You can see the analytics of those posts that are scheduled using Later’s management.

11. Agorapulse

As its line says, “Take Control of Your Social Media

It is full-fledged, the best social media management tool, and affordable compared to others. With it, you can better manage your social media profiles. It streamlines the workflow and helps your social media team manage everything smoothly. It has different tools having different and intuitive layouts. From Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram, you can connect everything using Agorapulse.

Coming to its features, it has a lot to offer. From publishing, Social Inbox, and Social Listening, it can do much more. In addition, the pricing plan of the management software is also affordable. The first package is free with limited features, that is why it is better to enjoy the paid plans with better flexibility and features. 

Ist plan: no cost/free

The second is the pro plan: € 79/mo 

The third is the Premium plan: € 199/mo

Fourth is Enterprise plan: custom.


  • It helps social media managers handle social media inboxes.
  • It has social listening for certain platforms. 
  • It allows you to schedule and view all your scheduled social media posts.
  • It allows scheduling, publishing, and reporting.


  • This social media management platform is fully expandable 
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • It allows reporting for every platform.


  • No functionality variants.
  • No draft functionality. 
  • It does not allow the creation of different versions of the post to share in different time zones.

Here are the social media tools for businesses

In this section, I will mention a few online social media management tools for enterprises. You can look at these social management tools if you are an enterprise owner.

1. Sprinklr- Social Engagement & sales 

Try it for best-in-class solutions for your business.

Do you know you lose customers online if you don’t utilize the right social management tools? Every day your audience and customers are active on social media profiles, and losing them can cost you a lot. It can turn out to be a fatal blow to your brand reputation. 

With Sprinklr you don’t have to chase your online customers every time because this application helps social media managers achieve expected results. Sprinklr helps in generating more revenue by reaching and listening to your customers. It helps enterprises’ social media teams by empowering them to make some of the largest changes. 

Unique features of Sprinklr

1. It has a feedback management system.

2. It allows offline access.

3. It is a tool for strategic planning.

4. It helps in social media campaign management. 


  • It has extensive customer support and is a value for money.
  • It fetches real-time comments and messages from different social media channels.
  • It has AI-driven integrated bots.
  • It provides monitoring reports.


  • Minor glitches might hinder productivity sometimes. 
  • It does not offer a free trial.
  • It can be difficult for a novice to navigate at times.

2. Hubspot

Professional social media management platform 

Today the brand’s success depends on its social media presence, consistent postings, website, etc. Hubspot’s social media management tool is one of the best management applications managing social platforms. This marketing software starts at @50/mo and connects your brand with people. 

Being an enterprise owner, you don’t have to push your social media team to sift through all the social streams. Hubspot does not let anything slip through the slightest of cracks. Now, spend more time on your business and not worry about it.

Features of Hubspot social media marketing

  • It has live chat functions, Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram ad functionality.
  • It gives a detailed traffic analysis.
  • It includes omnichannel marketing, automation, dynamic personalization, etc. 


  • Hubspot tool is a scalable media management app
  • It is easy to use for anybody.
  • It allows Salesforce integration.


  • Its premium plans are costly.

3. Reputation 

Reputation is a social media management tool for enterprises so they can boost their brand’s perception. Formerly known as NUVI, it is one of the most stunning social media management software. It is a cloud-based social media management software that helps social media teams with reporting, analytics, and social listening. 

It allows enterprises to perform competitor analysis and track competitors. Using this tool helps you to learn the perception of your brand. 

Here are a few features of the Software.

  • It has social posting, scheduling, and responding features available.
  • It has built-in approval workflows.
  • It helps in social listening by setting alerts for trending keywords for real-time updates.
  • It gives the team a competitive dashboard for reporting.  


  • It has a single-step analytical report generator. 
  • Easy to publish and schedule content on multiple channels.
  • They have excellent customer service.
  • It is a user-friendly tool. 


  • It gives in-depth analysis reports, but they are not pretty good-looking. 
  • The initial setup seems challenging.

4. BrandWatch

Is Brandwatch the right tool you need for your social media management? The answer is yes, yes, yes. It is one of the great social media analytics tools. In addition, it is the number one choice for most digital marketers because of its features. The tool starts @ $1000 per month and is aimed to serve professionals like enterprises and big organizations. If you worry about your social media handles, use Brandwatch. It is an all-in-one social media management solution where you can get everything you need. 

Let’s have a look at its salient features.

  • The user interface of the tool is straightforward. 
  • It provides actionable social insights.
  • It has customizable dashboards for performance measurement.


  • It supports brand management.
  • It allows various integrations.
  • It has robust features consisting of smart analytics and real-time monitoring.


  • The pricing is expensive for small and medium enterprises.
  • It lacks publishing, and the pricing system is vague.

5. Oktopost

Oktopost is a social media management tool for B2B marketers and enterprises because it helps them to quantify their leads. Managing social media using Oktopost is easy and hassle-free. Enterprises don’t need to put any effort into their social media handles. 

Now maximize your social media visibility with fewer efforts across multiple social media platforms. Your team can create, publish and measure your social media platform. With Oktopost, you can measure social media performance via analytics designed to reach the enterprise’s  B2B goals. Oktopost provides insights into the metrics, conversions, and ROI to help you understand how social media works and its strategy. 


  • Increase ROI using Oktopost social media management tool. 
  • Allows connection with your audience and gives them a personalized customer experience.
  • It helps you to manage your social media team globally.
  • It provides an editorial calendar so you can easily view and edit them in one place.
  • It comes with smart scheduling to allow SMM teams to cover up the gaps. 
  • It gives you insights into what is trending around the world. 
  • Oktopost streamlines your conversation with your customers.


  • Oktopost has a great customer support team.
  • It can control several social accounts. 
  • The software has an intuitive interface with easy navigation.


  • Scheduling overlap is common. 
  • It may take some time to learn the system.

6. Planable

Planable considers itself to be the most easy-to-manage tool on this planet guaranteeing 6x times faster social media post-approval. The workflow of planable is smooth and streamlined. It helps you to produce super-killing content easily without hurting your fingers. 

Reserve your energy for other significant tasks. Its calendar mode makes everything pretty clear and easy. The ace up your other marketing strategies and stop worrying about social media with Planable. If you are thinking of planning a huge amount of content prior, it would be better to choose this tool.

Features of the Planable 

  • The biggest strength and feature of Planable is its easy collaboration on different projects.
  •  It allows working with lists, and grid views and manages the content easily.
  • Download planable on mobile and manage everything from there. 
  • The biggest content creation feature is its one-click approval.
  • It is flexible in the case of content scheduling and publishing.


  • Intuitive dashboards. 
  • An easy client invites.
  • Easy post planning ahead of time. 


  • You have to take an enterprise subscription to get real-time customer support.
  • It does not have analytics tracking.


POSTTOPLAN creates outstanding social media marketing opportunities for enterprises and businesses. If you are looking for a tool that has a simple scheduling calendar, look no further than POSTTOPLAN. It offers 7-day free and paid versions for use.

Create content easily and conveniently, as it provides everyday content ideas. With just a blink of an eye, you can create appealing visual content.  Social media management is super easy. It has some AI-powered features that tell you the exact time to post your content.


  • It helps in faster content creation.
  • With its post-scheduling feature, your social media team can save a huge amount of time. 
  • It automates your work easily.
  • It relieves stress by notifying the status of each scheduled post. 


  • It is affordable and easy to use.
  • They have analytical tools. 
  • It has affordable pricing. 


  • Multiple account provisions can be messy sometimes.
  • It may be difficult to understand in the beginning.

8. Crowdfire 

Crowdfire emphasizes social media management and helps by discovering relevant content for the topics based on current trends. It is a social media post scheduling platform where you can create and schedule all the content for your social media handles. By pre-scheduling all the content, you can save a lot of time.

With Crowdfire, you can schedule content across your social channels at the most appropriate time, and it focuses primarily on its core social management function. The higher subscription levels include social listening and competitor analysis.

The ease with which you can share content across all your social channels is the most significant strength. It claims to support scheduled posting on Tiktok which is a plus point for brands that have youths as their target audience. 


  • It can schedule posting on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • It allows competitor analysis and social analysis.
  • It allows a calendar view for scheduled posts. 
  • It allows replying to your social mentions, conversations, and archiving conversations.
  • It has a bulk scheduling feature via CSV uploading. 


  • It is a time savior and has seamless content sharing.
  • It gives you the option to increase followers and engagements.
  • It has best-in-class content creation recommendations. 
  • It is easy to use its scheduling tools.


  • Its basic plan has limited options. 
  • The calendar view scheduling is available in premium only. 
  • It can manage limited account linkings.

9. Mav Social 

MAV social is counted as one of the best social management software. It is one of the best social media management apps that gives you complete flexibility to create, manage, and engage. Using this software, you can get all the organic and analytic reports across all the social media platforms. 

Salient features of the social media platform 

  • It gives your posts more visibility by boosting them and identifying high-performing content with the help of analytics tools.
  • Manage Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin ad campaigns using MAV SOCIAL 
  • Analyze social media metrics by performing in-detail analysis. 
  • It provides you with instant visual reports via responsive graphs.

Save valuable time switching between social accounts by viewing all replies and comments in a single inbox. Reply, like, or retweet directly from your Social Inbox.


  • Free trial available 
  • The management tool performs well with Facebook ads.
  • It allows tracking engagement, messages, and ad campaigns
  • It helps you curate content from the RSS feed.


  • It takes time to get used to the interface of the tool.

10. MeetEdgar

Social media can do wonders for your business if you know how to manage it. MeetEdgar is one of the best social media management tools that help you manage postings on social media platforms. MeetEdgar is a tool loaded with several features for freelancers, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs. It helps by saving a lot of time and energy. 

MeetEdgar is different from other scheduling tools in several ways. It helps you skyrocket your social media platform, and sales and boosts their engagement level.

It has a limitless content library and helps hustlers curate new and refreshing content. 

Considering the pricing plans, it has two plans:

  • Edgar lite: $29.99/month
  • Edgar: $49.99/month


  • With the tool, you can automate your social media. 
  • It has a content repurposing feature that allows you to generate refreshed content.
  • It monitors and keeps a track of all the social media networks. 
  • It helps your business grow by letting people engage with it. 


1. The social media software provides excellent scheduling and publishing features.

2. It provides in-depth analytics reports on engagement over each post.

3. It provides a seven days free trial. 

4. The plan starts at an affordable rate which is $ 19.


  • It integrates with Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, and Meta. 
  • It lacks comments management features. 

11. Promo Republic 

The Promo Republic is a social media managing platform that does not include free plans. You can see a free trial plan limited to 14-days. The other affordable plan that the social media managing platform has is $9/month. Do you know what’s at the heart of PromoRepublic? It is giving fresh content ideas with pre-designed eye-catchy graphics. 

The user interface and design of the platform appear similar to the Canva application. It is a social media management application for all brands and businesses of all sizes, You can use the platform to schedule your social media posts, They have perfectly tailored services for every business owner or enterprise. 


  • The Promo Republic consists of AI-driven scheduling for various social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Instagram.
  • It has a content library consisting of 100000 post ideas.
  • It contains ad-boosting features for Instagram and Facebook.


  • You can avail free educational resources from here. 
  • It has excellent automation and scheduling. 


  • It lacks the bulk uploading feature.
  • It lacks third-party plugin integration.
  • It does not have a collaboration feature for clients.

12. is not a specifically targeted tool for social media management. However, it increases workflow efficiency so that your team does not need to spend hours on a single thing. It helps marketers to create a streamlined and logical workflow.

It allows bringing teams together on a single platform to collect real-time updates and notifications. It won’t be wrong to mention that it has helped organizations reach their goals faster. It is flexible and consists of three types of boards:

private boards, sharable boards, and the main boards. Also, the platform is customizable. 

Let us talk about the pricing plans. Its basic plan starts at @$10/user/month. The standard plan comes at @12/user/month. The pro plan comes at @$20/user/month. For the enterprise. 


  • Signup and creating the first board is easy. 
  • It offers a free trial. 
  • Handy tool for social media marketers or any marketer because it is valid for social campaigns.
  • Its powerful campaign planning template is sound for social media management.


It has a team collaboration tool. 

Its task management is supreme.

It possesses unified work views.


  • The interface is quite cluttered.
  • It has limited management tools.
  • It does not follow agile methodology.
  • Tracking features may have some glitches.

13. Socialoomph

Socialoomph has fewer features than other social media management tools, but it provides some excellent scheduling features. Talking about its interface, it is less user-friendly, so it might be challenging to understand for a novice or less-experienced person. 

However, this tool is known for having advanced scheduling features that help the team to boost productivity. Since 2008, Socialoomph has been offering social media post-scheduling services. One of the main features of Socialoomph is its queuing system. 

Considering its pricing plans, it starts from $0/mo, Advanced suite, $15/mo, professional suite @25/mo, and Business suite, $55/m.


  • It allows you to control your post-scheduling time as per your choice.
  • It helps in streamlining the workflow.
  • It allows bulk uploading of content and scheduling them. 
  • It also allows tagging the posts with your team.


  • It has competitive publishing features.
  • It contains a bulk scheduling feature.
  • You can access a free account for life. 


  • The billing cycle is two weeks.
  • For some platforms, it has basic reporting functionalities.

14. eClincher

As it says, it is the only social media management tool any enterprise, freelancer, or solopreneur would need. eClincher is a  tool that guarantees a boost in your social media. it has the power of supercharging your social media campaigns to generate efficient results. 

With this tool, you can keep a record of incoming messages effortlessly. You or your social media team can manage messages on multiple social media platforms. It tracks social media platforms, every post, and hashtag and helps you stay on top. With eClincher, social media post creation has become pretty easy, and you can instantly review your social media site.

eClincher comes with a 14-day free trial, and there is a pricing plan for everyone. The pricing plan starts from basic @$59/mo, Premier @ $119/month, Agency @ $219/month.


  • It has full-proof posting plans for small and medium-level businesses. 
  • It can simplify, strategize, and optimize your ROI.
  • It streamlines the work by visually planning your posts. 
  • It saves time by auto-posting smart queues.
  • It consists of an RSS automation tool. 

It allows social media listening, which is a plus point.


  • It is a one-stop solution for post-monitoring and scheduling 
  • It is affordable and has outstanding customer service.
  • It provides insights on hashtags and the latest updates.


  • Hinders story and carousel posting on Instagram
  • The user interface can be improved.

15. Tailwind

Tailwind is counted among the top online social media management software that handles social media platforms like Instagram. Tailwind has ever-increasing popularity because it manages Instagram and Pinterest. You can trust this platform if you have to post on only these two social media handles. It supports Instagram and Pinterest scheduling. 


It has scheduling pins that find the optimum time to publish the content.

Tailwind has the most exciting feature known as Tribes ( which are a group of people who create the same niche content ).

It has a perfect scheduler and planner.

It has a pin inspector tool that allows pining and resharing the best content.


  • It has a simple user interface.
  • With its analytics, it finds the best posting time for you.
  • It has an easy scheduling and rescheduling process.


  • It has no filtering options. 
  • Its chat feature needs improvement.
  • It manages and schedules Instagram and Pinterest only.

16. Social Flow

Social Flow helps in converting audiences through social media management in real-time. Publish, advertise, build programs, convert clicks, and more with a brand management solution for all businesses. Social Flow is a data-driven social media management software preferred by top publishers like NBC, The New York Times, and others.

Publishers can generate new revenue streams through SocialFlow’s advertising products. The power of social media channels can be leveraged by media companies using native solutions and sponsored post ads from AttentionStream. 


1. It has a content optimization feature. 

2. It provides optimal suggestions.

3. It understands the website and social media’s audit data.

4. It has publisher-friendly features.


  • It provides excellent custom reports and excellent analytics
  • It has content monetization tools 
  • It automatically publishes on social media


  • SocialFlow sometimes appears as buggy software. 
  • It lacks some features.
  • Its interfaces can be improved. 
  • It lacks social listening.

17. Cloohawk

Cloohawk is one of the most used social media management tools that handle every social media platform. You can skyrocket your engagement and sales smartly by scheduling your posts using Cloohawk. Using Cloohawk, you can gain real followers by spending less time and gaining more engagements.

Cloohawk can identify non-engaging followers so that you can remove or unfollow them. Also, it allows you to follow the influencers or people with the same profile or profession.

Here is its pricing plan 


Starter: @$19

Plus: @ $49


  • It is best for handling Twitter.
  • It auto-tweets the trending stories.
  • You can trust Cloohawk’s Auto retweet.
  • It has features like social media monitoring, post scheduling, content management, etc.


  • It allows targeting specific keywords and hashtags 
  • It has a free version. 
  • It has all the monitoring features for Twitter.


  • It is best for Twitter only. 
  • It does not have a web application.

18. Pubbler 

It’s easy to schedule post times with Publer. It is one of the great social media management tools used to manage social media platforms. Customize the collaboration between the entire marketing team to achieve the desired results. You need to assign accounts and hierarchies to your team members like social media managers, freelancers, marketing assistants, etc.

Your Instagram posts will perform better and boost sales if you make them clickable. You can cross-promote your blogs, shops, affiliates, and social sites in one place, as well as your affiliates. About 12000 social media managers trust Pubbler because it is a great tool.  

Features of Pubbler 

  • It allows post-scheduling in bulk. 
  • It automatically watermarks the images and videos.
  • It reposts, auto deletes, and auto-shares the content.
  • It allows scheduling recurring posts.
  • It allows posting on several accounts at the same time.
  • It allows visualizing all the posts in an interactive view. 


The free plan of Pubbler has the following thing.

  • Autoshare, Autodelete, creation of shortcodes.
  • It has good customer service. 
  • Taglocations, Built-in emoji picker. 
  • Five social accounts management.
  • Its pricing plans are affordable.
  • Great UI and UX.
  • It has shortcut features.


  • They lack social media keyword monitoring.
  • They don’t boost ads.

19. Storytellit

It is a free social media management tool and was designed with the motive of making social media a fun place. If you are a solopreneur or an enterprise owner, it can be a great tool for you. It has wonderful features and helps you connect every dot to reach your client.


You can harness social media discovery with Nexalogy. This platform is designed to help people extract actionable insights from social media discussions to make decisions based on them.


You can use free social media management tools, but they have limited features. Therefore, we recommend using the social media management platform consisting of various features. If you are an enterprise owner, you must invest in a social media managing application that allows team collaboration, bulk scheduling, and posting. 

When choosing a social media management tool, ensure that it allows several integrations. In this complete guide, We mentioned software prices, their features, pros, and cons. Therefore, we leave it up to you to choose the best one according to your requirements. It is your time to keep moving forward and choose a social media management platform that can help you manage everything.

 Social media management is a breeding ground and businesses must utilize these platforms to shine out. 

Your business will reap benefits using the right social media management tool.

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